Monday, April 14, 2014

The Student Writer

Random fact about me: I used to write for our high school publication. While I never reached the rank of being an Editor-In-Chief or one of the student heads of that publication, I did learned a lot about writing, time management, and getting along with others. I'm glad I joined the staff of our paper, even though at first, I was hesitant to do so.

I always loved writing, but I only kept it to myself. Until one day, I joined a writing contest and I unexpectedly won. Then the head of the school paper, my English teacher, convinced me to join the publication staff, since they were on the look out for student writers. I submitted another piece (a news one), and I got in.

It felt good for me to be able to write and be seen through the class paper, but at the same time, I felt intimidated being with the student staffers. Most of them were really intelligent, in the honors' list, debaters, and also joined inter-state writing competitions. During meetings, I would quietly sit in a corner and just agree to what everyone else was saying. I was that mousy then. My life as a student writer at first was: write something, submit to the EIC, proofread if needed, and then submit again. I never really do a lot of talking with my fellow staffers.

I'm glad it changed when I bumped into my EIC at the local diner one summer break, and we talked over bowls of ice cream sundae and cheesy fries. She was fun to be with, and though she seemed intimidating at first, I learned that she was open-minded, smart, and friendly. She told me that I've been doing well in the school publication, and she encouraged me to hone my writing skills. The next academic year, I learned to become more open with the other students in the staff. Soon, I got invited to parties and out-of-town trips.

Being a school publication writer probably influenced my decision to choose my college degree. I'm glad that I wasn't that doe-eyed anymore when I took up Lit for my major. I am still open to learning about writing, as you always have to grow and improve. Joining the student publication and writing for it enriched me in ways I never expected.

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