Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pages of An Old Diary

I remembered keeping diaries as a grader. I think I had about 3 diaries written in-between Grades 3 to 5. I saw it again inside my bedside drawer when I went home for spring break. All three of them had locks, and I while I couldn't open the other two (because I lost the keys), I managed to unlock the other diary, written when I was in fourth grade.

I laughed at the entries I wrote in there; about my terror teacher, the girl I didn't liked in class, and the boys who used to tease me. There were also some poems and short stories in there. One was about my terror teacher in Math (again) and a short story about girls and cooties.

I really had a ball laughing at my childish diary entries. I did outgrew some of my childish ways. I learned to deal with different kinds of people and get along with the boys. I did ended up being "one of the boys" who can play ball and climb trees with them. And that girl I didn't liked in school became my life saver in sixth grade, when she resuscitated me from drowning in the town river during summer break (many thanks to Hilary because of this). In short, life gives you unexpected things. It may be good or bad, but the best thing is, you do some growing up after experience.

I did outgrew my diary writing ways. I'm glad and still mortified that I kept them. I think this is a reminder of how far I've gone, and the childhood days when I was carefree and naive.

Reading my old diary did made me smile.

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