Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Little Realization

Lately, I have been thinking what my life would be if I didn't take up Literature. What might be my course today, who are my friends are and what kind of life am I living? Well, there are a lot of things going on my mind right now. Have you ever felt this way too? I guess I am just too stressed and I need a little break. There are just a lot of school stuff to finish and I am pressured. I need to finish all of them and submit them on time. I hope I could still maximize the time left for me to accomplish all of this.

Going back to my realization, are you also having second thoughts about your life today? Sometimes, I get this feeling of "what if". They say that I must not compare my life with anyone else and I should be living the life that I have today. Yes, they are all right for saying this one. But there will come a time when you realize some things like this. I am not saying I'm unhappy with my life right now. I am just wondering about the things that could have happened to me if I took the other option. 

Oh well, never mind me. It's just what I thought of. I just have to loosen up and live the life I have right now. Everything will fall into place and I will be happier. I will just let the days pass and live to the fullest.

Friday, September 20, 2013

History of Violence

As I was busy combing the Internet and browsing through textbooks, some of my dorm mates are busy playing Grand Theft Auto 5. The very controversial and overly violent video game earned a whopping $800 million on the first day of hitting the shelves and I must say that is pretty amazing. I played for a few hours to check what they hype was all about and I was soaked to the core with violence and the utter disregard for human life as well as the moral laws of civilization. But I believe that a layer was peeled from my eyes and I glimpsed the dark and dire games played in the real world.

And then I remembered an article I read somewhere about the perceived adverse impact of violence and sexual depravity in video games, movies and other social media devices on the growth and development of the youth today. Some say that kids are more inclined to disobey rules and regulations because they are trying to emulate what they see on television or play on their computers. They feel that shooting people up is all fun and games but people fail to see that they are troubled children who need someone who truly understands their pain inside.

And violence per se as well as the horrors and nightmares that come with it have echoed and prevailed through the ages in many varied forms from both different and familiar circumstances. Wars have been waged, countless lives were lost and everything that we see today was built on the ground where our forefathers bled and died. And it goes without saying that all of these atrocious acts against humanity happened way before television and video games were invented.

That is why I believe that violence, malice and greed are just elements of the dark side of human beings that transcends color, religious belief, political inclination and gender. Do I think that violent video games and movies corrupt the moral sensibilities of the youth by distorting their sense of right and wrong? The facts are inconclusive but I believe that parents can do a better job in making sure that their kids really are all right.

If parents talk to their children and show genuine concern for their life and welfare, these kids wouldn't need to spend hours playing video games because the real world is good enough for them. In my honest opinion, I think video games are rad because of involving tales and some are actually intellectually challenging. That is why kids get hooked when they get more gratification playing characters in a virtual world rather than being themselves in reality.

But as for me, I still prefer reading books filled with hope and darkness intertwined over mashing buttons on a controller all day. Hey, maybe books are the reason behind all the violence across the channels of history. But that is for another day because I need another dose of GTA V before getting all my school stuff ready.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Before School Starts 2013 Edition

Tonight is my first night here in my dorm. I haven't met my new roommate yet, so I have the whole room to myself (yipee!). I'm this close to dancing around and flapping my arms out. But instead, I'm typing on this blog and anticipating the new academic year, plus a cup of tea on the side.

I'm feeling a little excited and nerve-wracked. This year, I will have a lot of majors as my courses, so that means the pressure will heighten when it comes to my studies. I've always been a good student, honestly speaking. But there are times that I do fall back, like cramming. Now I want to go through an entire semester without cramming. Studying a little each day will help me through.

On the social aspect, I'm hoping to attend the upcoming music festival our college will host two months from now. I'm daydreaming right now of what I'll wear... but then it's going to be winter by then and days will get colder. So I'll go for a nice peacoat, boots, and tights.

About my friends, I've chatted with one of them, and she'll be with me for most of my major courses. Which means I can bond with her and study at the same time!

Why am I writing this way? Looks like I'm getting sleepier. So it's beddy-bye for me now. See you later! I'll talk more.