Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Before School Starts 2013 Edition

Tonight is my first night here in my dorm. I haven't met my new roommate yet, so I have the whole room to myself (yipee!). I'm this close to dancing around and flapping my arms out. But instead, I'm typing on this blog and anticipating the new academic year, plus a cup of tea on the side.

I'm feeling a little excited and nerve-wracked. This year, I will have a lot of majors as my courses, so that means the pressure will heighten when it comes to my studies. I've always been a good student, honestly speaking. But there are times that I do fall back, like cramming. Now I want to go through an entire semester without cramming. Studying a little each day will help me through.

On the social aspect, I'm hoping to attend the upcoming music festival our college will host two months from now. I'm daydreaming right now of what I'll wear... but then it's going to be winter by then and days will get colder. So I'll go for a nice peacoat, boots, and tights.

About my friends, I've chatted with one of them, and she'll be with me for most of my major courses. Which means I can bond with her and study at the same time!

Why am I writing this way? Looks like I'm getting sleepier. So it's beddy-bye for me now. See you later! I'll talk more.

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