Friday, February 7, 2014

Grow Up!

Grow up!

I've heard this phrase repeated way too often to us youngsters. Being young, wild, and free, adults would frown at our careless devil-may-care ways. People may think that all we ever do is have fun. But the truth is, we do care about our lives as well as the world around us.

I may be the typical college girl who parties and dates and hops on weekend road trips, but beyond that exterior lies someone who is serious about her future. I know that things won't be perfect, but at least, I'm doing something about it right now. Studying seriously and learning new things are two of the ways that's helping me do some "growing up".

Having to grow up doesn't mean that you just start acting serious and square all of a sudden. For me, growing up means:

-Taking yourself less seriously. We all had those moments wherein we felt so self-conscious about everything we do and say. We need to stop being so self-centered and worry that people are looking at us all the time. So let out that hearty laugh if the situation calls for it! Don't be so self-conscious, and just be yourself instead.

-Accepting responsibility for your mistakes. Mistakes are part of growing up. If you made a mistake, admit it to yourself and say sorry. Then don't do it again. A mistake committed more than thrice is already something you chose to do unconsciously.

-Thinking over the consequences. Before you say or do something, think of the consequences. If you want to rant online, think before it becomes viral. That's what I mean by thinking it over, and it doesn't only apply to the Internet.

-Being respectful. I know, there's just some people we really don't like for some reason. Treating them kindly isn't being two-faced, but rather, showing basic human kindness and respect. That will go a long way beyond your university life.

-Acting your age. This doesn't mean being serious! When you act and behave according to expectations, this means you don't stay stuck in being a whiny brat. You can be young, have fun, and still be responsible and mature. Like, you choose to study for exams week instead of partying beforehand.

Acts of maturity isn't always easy to do, but when you do get used to it, that helps you grow up a little.

Growing old is permanent, yet there are people who stay stuck forever in their childish ways. Make sure you grow old and grow up gracefully!

Stay smiling always, sweeties!

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