Thursday, January 23, 2014

Scary Things

I was never a scaredy-cat. Growing up, I don't usually fear the things that other kids would be scared of, like the dark, imaginary monsters under the bed, being left at preschool by myself, and climbing a tree. I don't know if I was born this brave, or I just happened to grow up in a home wherein I was taught to face my fears and not to be scared of things.  Later on, as time passed and I grew up, I learned that grown-ups get scared also. Not of the usual childish things, but of things that can't be seen all the time.

Now I realized that there are also things that I fear. Like being rejected, confessing my feelings, opening up to people, losing something or someone, and the future that lies ahead. The older you grow, the more scared you become. These things can be worse than the usual fictitious monster lurking underneath your bed. These unseen scary things can strike without warning, and when you're facing this kind of enemy, you wouldn't really know what to do. For once, I got really scared at the thought of graduating and yet having no life stability. The news of fresh graduates not really getting the careers they want and having their dreams shattered was enough to scare me. But, I learned to push my worries aside and learn to do my best in the present.

You have to learn to face some fears whether you like it or not. It's part of improving yourself and learning to make your own life better. If we keep running away, then what will happen to our lives? Whether it's biking for the first time or having to admit the truth to yourself, facing your fears can strengthen you and make you wiser.

I still get scared sometimes, but I learned that if something's not scary, then it's not worth it. Especially with making your own life choices and pursuing your dreams.

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