Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sorry For Hibernating!

My golly, time flies by so fast and I can't believe it's 2014 already! It's the 9th day of the year, and yet, it feels like as if I'm expecting so much from it. Well, it's still starting, so this month, I'm giving myself loads of time to daydream, and come February, it's time for action!

Oh no wait, I have to take action now with regards to my academics. No, I didn't flunk any course lately, but there's this major assignment that I'm still working on since Christmas break. Imagine having to research on December 25th! But then, it didn't dampened my holiday spirit. Christmas and New Year was fun! I got to go home to my state and spend Christmas with my family and childhood friends. We spend some time catching up with each other in regards to college life and possible romances. It was fun talking again like the old times while munching on cheese fries and drinking shakes from the good old neighborhood diner. Ah, the old times.

Connecting with the past while nurturing present relations sure is a good thing to do for the new year. Aside from that, these are the things I don't promise doing, but will make a resolve to really accomplish something:

1. Learn a new language. German, French, or Spanish? The choices are endless. Having a second tongue will prove to be beneficial in the long run, with regards to travel and career plans.

2. Travel somewhere else. 2013 is my year of travel, with my Thailand trip being the highlight of it all. I hope I'll be given another chance to travel without school bogging me down.

3. Improve my culinary skills. I'm learning to cook lately. So far, it's only pancakes and homemade mac and cheese (not the boxed ones!). Soon, I'll move on to cooking meat dishes. Thankfully, my grandma taught me some dish over the holidays.

4. Write more often. Yeah, I know, I took my blog for granted, but now, let me start again with a bang!

5. Read more books. I want to start reading the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. Hearing that it's being made into a movie, I want to know the hype behind it. Of course, I won't forget the literary classics as well.

I hope these plans of mine will be something I'll really do. For now, let me rest as I plan my course for this year 2014. Wishing you all a rockin' year ahead!

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