Thursday, January 16, 2014

Loving The Cold

Not everyone likes winter. It can get cold and freezing, and you wouldn't want to get out of bed on a wintry morning! But in spite of the painful cold, I look at the bright side of having a bleak winter. It's not everyday you get to experience the cold weather, and summer can get pretty sweltering. So since we're talking about the positive sides of winter, here are the things I love about winter season:

1. Cardigan weather. Winter is the perfect time to bring out my quirky sweaters and pretty cardigans. I like dressing up in this winter fashion: a long-sleeved top, cardigan, jacket, pants, and booties. The winter season can really test out your fashion quotient. You can look posh while walking along a snowy path without having to break the bank. Most winter clothes I've got were bought during the summer at selected thrift shops. And they're in mint condition!

2. Hot chocolate and warm drinks. My friends said that I make really good hot chocolate! I've made so many cups already in our dorm, that I lost count. That kept us awake during our exam reviews in the midst of the biting cold that we can feel from the outside. And it's not just hot chocolate. We've also downed some warm apple cider, tea, and all the warm drink mixtures we could think of.

3. Ice skating. We've been through the ice skating rink lately and it was fun to skate around. Bonus points if you're wearing a skater skirt. Winter season forces me to move around. It's not just ice skating, but also doing some cardio exercises.

4. White everywhere. The white surroundings are so lovely, that I'm this close to belting out "Let It Go" from "Frozen" and sashaying around like Queen Elsa. There's just something soothing with seeing white everywhere.

5. Cuddle weather. Oh my, I know what you're thinking! Cuddling with someone, eh? So far, the only cuddle sesh I experienced lately are with my dorm friends, while holding a movie marathon (because it was too cold to go outside). Nothing beats a good hug during the cold, plus the feeling of together-ness you guys experience.

Here are my reasons for loving the winter cold. Though I also look forward to summer, I do my best to enjoy the winter season. The cold won't be coming back again until later on, so make the most out of it.

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