Sunday, March 23, 2014

Confessions of a Fan Fiction Writer

I have a tiny confession to make:

I used to write fan fiction.

Yes, you've read it right, fan fiction. Back in my junior high to high school days, I would waste hours in front of my desktop computer in my bedroom, craft plots about my favorite "fandoms" (Harry Potter and some TV shows/novels), read other fanfics, and have a ball with my fellow fans who are so into the fandom as much as I do. The rush you get when people like your fanfiction is indescribable. It makes you feel that you're not alone in this craziness, and there are a lot of unseen online people who share it with you. Getting lost in the world of fan fiction writing is so addicting and fun.

But some things must come to an end. Along with my going away for college, I had to let go of some of my fangirl ways. I missed it for a while, but along with that, my mind cleared up and had lots of realizations. Not just with my fandom world, but with writing and life in general.

Here are some of them:

1. Good writing is always a must.

Whether you're writing your class essay or your fluffy fanfic about Harry and Ginny, good writing with clean format and right grammar is always appreciated. A lot of kids these days don't really pay attention to the technicalities of writing such as these, and yet, these are a reflection of your writing skills. Whatever you write about, make it right and easy to read. This will garner you more views for your fanfic/story and help you out in your future writing endeavors.

2. Give and take relationships.

What I learned from fanfic writing is not to let it revolve around only yourself. Read other works and give good feedback. Most likely, they will come to your page and check out your stories as well.

This is applicable with your high school friends as well. Learn to have a two-way communication of giving and taking, and these can make your friendships a success. It's more about bonding and showing compassion, more than what you can get from each other.

3.Once in a while, go out.

There's more to life than getting caught up in the world of fandoms and fanfic writing. It doesn't hurt to log out of the computer and go out. Make time with friends, do something else, or take a walk. This prevented me from getting too obsessive with my interests, as it made me realize that I don't want to be that kind of girl who doesn't have a life of her own.

Sometimes, you do fangirl because you feel bad or sad about something in real life. Fangirl for a while, but find ways to deal with your problems in a healthy way.

So there you have it, some basic realizations and things that fan fic writing have taught me. Everything in moderation, as with anything else. The important thing is, you're having fun in a good and clean way while learning.

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