Friday, August 23, 2013

What's on My Mind?

What's on my mind right now? Here it goes...

Being a student is never an easy task. You have to comply with this and that all the time. A lot of things are expected from you, so you better prove yourself to them. As for me, being a Literature student is never easy. All I wanted is to become a writer someday, that is why I landed to this course. I have no regrets on my decision though. It's just that sometimes I feel like the whole world is against me or life is so hard to live. Do you feel that too? I guess I'm just too tired of all the school stuff I need to finish, that is why I feel this way. All I need is a break, even just for awhile. I have to take a rest first from everything, so that when I get back I'm renewed already.

I have to say that my dream to become a writer is still here. I am taking up a Literature course, not because my parents told me so. Instead, I am the one who chose it for myself. I just told my parents that this is the course I want to take up in college and they agreed with me. They said that they will support me all the way as long as I will do my best to pass all my subjects. And I thought I was the luckiest daughter then! I am so happy that my parents allowed me to decide what course to take up and they are going to support me all throughout the course. What a lucky girl, right? I know that not all of us are given this kind of opportunity. Some parents would choose a course for their children without asking them if they want it or not. Well, I cannot blame the parents for that. I know that they just want the best for their kids. But as time passes by, parents would have to consider what their children want in terms of choosing a course in college. Oops, that's just my opinion. 

Anyway, I am hoping that things will get clearer and smoother as days pass by. I am also hoping for the best and I wish that my dreams would come true. I will strive harder to reach for my dreams and I won't stop chasing them. And you must do this too. Aim high, make a move and make it happen!

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