Monday, August 5, 2013

Traveling is sacred


- One Way Ticket Phil

I thought nothing was better than armchair traveling, but I was completely mistaken after reading a travel blog, by a fellow Californian no less. Then I had a chat with Mathilde, whom I met during a holiday in Montreal many moons ago. She told me the same thing that Phil wrote in his blog, about the virtues of traveling - in Indochina. (From where she came from, which was France, traveling was sacred.) So I did something that Mum thought I would never do: Traveling on my own. Far and away (from home).

I didn't feel lonely in Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai. In fact, I was in Bhuping Palace, which my guide told me was the summer residence of the King of Thailand. I thought I might encounter something from "The King and I", but I saw flowers instead; I left my guide and fellow backpackers, as I was drawn to the rows of (red) roses. It led me to a group of white-colored flowers, shaped like a heart. (Lovely.) A miniature wat, ubiquitous in this northern part, was several meters away. It was sheltered from the trees surrounding it (and the flowers). After taking some photographs, I thought what an entrancing place this spot was. It was my best experience, until my moments with the elephants.

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