Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Dose of Disenchantment

After countless hours reading books and writing papers for my summer classes, I badly needed some quality time to relax and relieve some of the stress that weighed heavily on my weary shoulders. Luckily, some of my good friends are coming over for dinner and maybe we can even watch a movie or two so that we can bond, chill out and just fool around like the good, old days. I miss our salad years when everything was simple and fun. But now I know that we all have to pull our own weight and prove our sand if we want to amount to something even remotely significant in this modern world.

Reminiscing reminded me of my younger years when all I had to do was study hard, keep my nose clean and pass all of my subjects to gain the approval and respect of the people around me especially my parents. But nowadays, some people think that formal education is overrated  or even unnecessary because there are a lot of college graduates out there who are unemployed and really struggling to make ends meet. 

Sort of makes you think long and hard if you are wasting your precious time in school especially when you see guys like Bill Gates or even douchebag rappers like Lil Wayne spending more money than I could ever hope to make in several lifetimes. There are many people out there who are rolling in filthy gobs of cash but they never had to spend the better part of their young and exciting life stuck in boring classes while listening to their teachers and burning the midnight oil like poor schmucks who have no choice (or no clue) in life whatsoever.

With that said, I will still grudgingly pursue that elusive college degree and maybe even go to graduate school if my parents are still willing to support me throughout this seemingly pointless journey of self-enlightenment. Maybe I believe that it is not always about the decimals and dollars. Maybe I prefer to have knowledge and wisdom inside my head instead of cash on my bank account. 

Maybe I know that I can have the best of both worlds if I really work hard and go the extra mile in every little thing that I do, in and out of the school. Whatever it is, it would have to wait because my friends are here and we have some serious catching up to do. I am not ready to give up true friends for all the wisdom or money in the world. Not just yet, I think.

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